What are essential oils?

Updated: Aug 16

The answer to this question is very simple. Essential oils come from plants, flowers and herbs. All ingredients come from nature and so they are 100% plant-based and natural! The word ethereal comes from the ancient Greek word "Aither", which means "Air of Heaven", the lowest layer of the cosmos. Very appropriate, because the scents of our scented vegan candles also smell heavenly.

When you are looking for a scented candle, you naturally want it to enrich your home with delicious scents. When producing a scented candle, different types of oils can be used, for example essential oils or fragrance oils.

“Then you must be wondering, what is the difference between these oils? Fragrance oils are synthetic and a mixture of aroma chemicals and other harmful ingredients.”

Although the scents are perfectly reproduced, fragrance oils usually contain little or no natural components. Therefore, they do not have the benefits that essential oils can provide.

What are the benefits of essential oils?

The benefits of essential oils are endless! The scents not only smell nice, but they are also used in aromatherapy. This is a form of herbal medicine that is based on the use of essential oil and represents treatment with natural scents. Synthetic fragrance oils cannot be used for this, as they do not contain the medicinal properties of a plant that essential oils do. Moreover, different scents have a certain effect on your body. For example, the Lavender scented candle has a soothing and relaxing effect, while the Mint & Eucalyptus scented candle has an uplifting and cleansing effect. The delicious scent of Rosemary is definitely recommended, because it is packed with antioxidants and has an invigorating effect.

Our delicious scented candles

Pure essential oils are delicious on their own, but if you want to make your own creation, you can also mix the oil with other essential oils. We regularly do this with our scented candles. A mix often creates a nice aroma to support a certain state of mind. Every scent has properties that not only have a positive influence on you, but also on your environment. For example, eucalyptus smells air freshening and purifies the air in the house, and lavender has a relaxing scent. These are one of the many reasons why we have chosen essential oils, but the main reason is we can enrich your home with delicious and completely natural scents!

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