Boeket Tulpen


Our mission is to bring a wonderful atmosphere to your home in a healthy, natural and animal-friendly way. In addition we want to reconnect humanity to nature again by providing you with a choice that brings us closer to a better world.


Located in the Netherlands we strive to give you candles that are fair and honest in every possible way. All our vegan candles are handmade and produced as sustainably as possible. We think making candles is more than just a profession. For us, it is a way to express love to both humans and animals. This principle burns brightly within us and will always be central to the development of each candle.


By using the best compositions for fragrance, wax and wick, we guarantee the quality of our vegan candles and create the ideal atmosphere. All of our candles are sustainably packaged with recycled and vegan packaging. 


We want to bring that cosy, homely feeling into your living room with our candles. Experience the feeling of being surrounded by beautiful flames that smell wonderful all day long. Just the way you deserve it.